I have a long-term illness

​If you’ve been diagnosed with a critical illness (e.g. cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, etc.), you’ll have to adjust to the therapy used to treat the condition. This can drain your energy as well as your wallet. Fortunately, your hospital plan provides year-round coverage for critical illness-related medical care, even if no hospital stay is required.


How do you claim coverage for a critical illness?


  • Activating your coverage
    Most AG Insurance plans cover the cost of medical care to treat 30 critical illnesses. Once you've been diagnosed, it's a good idea to check your contract to see if your illness is on the list. If you have hospitalisation insurance through your employer, you can check your coverage on My Global Benefits.

    Don't wait too long after your diagnosis to activate your Critical Illness coverage. To find out how, see Step 1 "Costs to treat a critical illness".
  • Claiming a refund
    If you've been admitted for treatment on an inpatient basis (e.g. for chemotherapy, kidney dialysis, etc.), you can claim a refund through your hospitalisation insurance. You just need to report the admission to AG Insurance and we'll open up a case file for you straight away. Both overnight hospitalisations as well as day-case admissions are eligible for reimbursement.

    Although your hospital plan generally covers inpatient stays only, we also provide year-round coverage for critical illness-related medical care, even if no hospital stay is required (e.g. doctors' appointments, medication, etc.). For more information on how to claim a refund, see Step 2 "Save all receipts for medical expenses".
  • End of the cover
    Each year, you will be asked to provide a medical report from your attending physician to be added to your case file. Coverage will be terminated if the medical report shows that you have recovered and no longer have any symptoms of the illness.
  • Relapses
    If the illness comes back after a period of remission, your Critical Illness coverage can be reactivated. To do so, you simply follow the same procedure outlined above.


What if you are unable to work for a long period?


Your corporate-sponsored plan may also include Income Protection coverage. If so, then you are entitled to collect a replacement income on top of the statutory compensation payable by the Belgian National Institute for Illness-Disability insurance.



Check your policy or agreement to find out more about the applicable terms of reimbursement.

Have insurance coverage through your employer? If so, then there's a big chance you can check your covers on My Global Benefits. Don't delay, log in today!