At my child’s bedside in the hospital (rooming-in)

​​Let’s face it: a hospital stay is never a barrel of laughs. And even less so if the patient is a young child. The following tips, however, will help ease the fear factor.

  • Refunds for rooming-in expenses
    Has your son or daughter been admitted to the hospital? A nerve-wracking experience, both for you and your child. But if you stay by your child's bedside for the duration of the inpatient stay, it will surely soothe most of the discomfort and fears.

    The Belgian National Institute for Illness-Disability Insurance does not cover these costs, which can quickly add up after just a few days in the hospital. Fortunately, you have a hospital plan to fall back on. Whether you have private or corporate-sponsored coverage, you can claim a refund from AG Insurance for your rooming-in expenses. This way, your child never has to be alone in a scary hospital room.
  • Knowledge is power, for you and your child
    Children may not understand why they are in the hospital, or may have false beliefs about what is happening to them. The best way for you to reassure your child is to find out exactly what to expect. Feel free to go to the doctors and nursing staff with any questions you may have. You'll then be able to clearly and calmly prepare your child for the procedure and the aftermath.
  • Report the hospital stay to AG Insurance
    To expedite your refund, we recommend reporting your child's hospital stay as soon as possible, prior to (or just after) admission. You can do this online by clicking on "An overnight hospitalisation".


Check your policy or agreement to find out more about the applicable terms of reimbursement.