What is critical illness coverage all about?


Treatment for a serious illness such as cancer, diabetes or Crohn's disease doesn't always involve a stay in hospital.  You might also receive care from your doctor, physiotherapist, etc. outside the hospital. This is called outpatient care, which is charged in addition to your hospital bill and the costs can soon add up if you're undergoing long treatment.

Fortunately, you can count on your insurance cover. Despite its name, your hospital plan with AG doesn't just cover hospital expenses. It also reimburses the costs for treatment of a serious illness all year round, even if you are not admitted to hospital.

How does the critical illness coverage guarantee work? 
  • Asking for the guarantee to be activated
    For us to activate the critical illness guarantee, you need to provide us with a medical report issued by your attending physician, stating the name of your illness, the date of the diagnosis and the intended treatment. 
  • ​Following up with your case
    After a certain period, we might request a new medical report so we can find out how your case has progressed.
  • End of the critical illness
    The guarantee ends when we receive a medical report stating that your illness has been cured and there are no more signs of the disease. However, we will continue to reimburse the costs of an annual follow-up related to the illness.
  • Relapse
    If the illness returns after a while, the critical illness guarantee can be reactivated. In such case, the procedure above will start again.
Please see the guarantees under your hospital plan or contract to check which conditions qualify under the critical illness guarantee.

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