Report your hospital admission in advance

Send in your expenses via MyAG Employee Benefits

Or open the MyAG Employee Benefits app on your smartphone.

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Or open the AG Health app on your smartphone.
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For my hospitalisation insurance, I have:

a corporate-sponsored plan

a sector-wide plan

individual coverage via a broker or bank


Depending on your contract, the coverage period is 1 or 2 months before hospital admission and 3 or 6 months after.
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Outpatient care is reimbursed within a certain period before and after hospital admission provided that the INAMI recognises these costs and they are directly associated with the cause for admission.

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Scan your medical costs invoices or take a clear photo and send them (ideally as a PDF) in the AG Health app, ​through MyAG Employee Benefits, at or by post.
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You can claim for medical expenses for all family members insured through your contract, as long as they have activated their card. Read more

​We don't generally need you to send us the original documents.

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The statutory deadline to send us medical bills related to your hospital admission is 3 years. But don't wait until the last minute!. Read more

Your hospital plan with AG reimburses the costs for treatment of a serious illness all year round, even if you are not admitted to hospital.

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