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What should I do?
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Save all receipts for medical expenses
Are your medical expenses associated with a recent hospital stay?
No - Medical expenses without hospitalisation

If you recently had to go to the doctor, dentist or a specialist or if you just obtained prescription drugs for the flu and you have outpatient care insurance through your employer, then you can send us the medical expenses you incurred during the entire year for reimbursement.

ImportantMedical costs for treatment of a critical illness (e.g. cancer) are reimbursed throughout the year by your regular hospitalisation insurance, even if these are unrelated to a specific hospital stay and you don't have outpatient care insurance. Keep all bills and receipts from your hospital, doctor, pharmacy, etc. safe (read the FAQ about critical illness for more information​).

​​Yes - Medical expenses related to a (recent) hospital stay

Rem​ember to keep copies of all your medical expenses receipts related to your hospital stay: not just costs during your hospital stay, but also before and after  (known as outpatient costs).
  • ​Before​​

    Your hospitalisation insurance will reimburse you for medical services, such as pharmacy and doctor's fees, within a certain period of time before you're admitted. The period covered is 1 or 2 months, depending on your policy; this can be found under the special terms of your insurance. If you cannot find this and you are insured through your employer, you can also log in to  MyAG Employee Benefits or check with your HR department.
  • ​During ​

    Your hospitalisation insurance will reimburse your hospital bill. If you have the Medi-Assistance third-party payer agreement, AG will receive the admission bill and pay it directly to the hospital. However, it is still important for you to report your hospital stay to AG in advance.

    In other cases, the bill will be sent to you and you may submit it along with your other medical expenses. Please still submit the declaration in advance, and we'll open a case. This makes it easier to process the expenses if you send them later.
  • ​After​​​

    You may receive treatment after, just like before, your hospital stay to help you get better as quickly as possible. Your hospitalisation insurance will reimburse you for these medical services within a certain period of time after you're discharged. This is 3 or 6 months, depending on your policy.​

Be sure to save all hospital bills, doctors' bills and pharmacy receipts!

Tip: For your convenience, your Sickness Fund can provide you with a statement of all medical expenses incurred.

Send in your expenses
​​​Got all your medical expenses together? Send them to us!
Scan or take a clear photo of your expenses and submit them to us online. Be sure to include your correct account number and your contract number or customer reference.
Collect your refund
Your account statement

Once your medical expenses have been processed, your account administrator will issue you an account statement. This way, you can quickly and easily see which costs are covered and which are not.

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Feel free to contact us with all your questions about the refund of your expenses.
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