One-day hospitalisation
What should I do?
Follow the steps
Check beforehand whether it is a hospitalisation or outpatient care
Hospitalisation or outpatient care?
Nowadays, large numbers of patients are being referred for one-day clinic for exploratory and minor procedures. If you are admitted as day case, you will spend just one day in the hospital. If your day case is invoiced as a hospital admission, your hospital plan will cover the costs.
As a general rule, your treatment and procedure(s) will quality as a hospital admission:
  • if you have had general anaesthesia
  • if you have stayed in a regular hospital room

A trip to the emergency room to apply a cast to a broken arm, for example, will not count as a hospital admission but as outpatient (ambulatory) care. In this case, you will usually not be able to claim a refund through your hospitalisation insurance.

If you're unsure as to whether the costs will be covered, it's best to check with your attending physician or the hospital directly.

Notify AG Insurance in advance
You are an AG Insurance cardholder
Have an upcoming hospital stay? Let AG Insurance know by reporting the admission online. It's quick and easy. We'll open up a new case file for your refund straight away.

While it's better to report your hospital stay in advance, we understand that this is not always possible. You can also report the admission after the fact or while you're in the hospital, via your smartphone for example.

Report your hospital admission online, any time, anywhere, day or night.

Report your hospital admission online
If you haven't been issued an AG Insurance card?
No card?
​Then you don't need to report your claim upfront. Instead, report your hospital admission in writing using the appropriate claim form and send it in to us along with proof of your medical expenses. Bundle your receipts together (see Step 2) and send them in with your completed claim form (see Step 3).

Claim form
Save all receipts for medical expenses
Save all receipts for medical expenses associated with your hospital stay, whether the expenses were incurred while you were in the hospital or before or after your admission ("outpatient expenses").
  • ​Pre-admission

    You can use your hospitalisation insurance to claim back your medical expenses – such as pharmacy purchases and doctors’ appointments – within a pre-set period prior to your hospital admission (generally one or two months). The exact period will be stipulated in the Special Terms of your policy. Not sure how long you have? If your coverage is through your employer, you can always log in to My Global Benefits or check with your HR department.

  • ​During your hospital stay

    It goes without saying that your hospital plan covers your hospital bill. If your plan comes with Medi-Assistance, our third-party payer agreement, your hospital bill will be sent to AG Insurance and settled with the hospital directly. If you don't have Medi-Assistance, you'll receive the hospital bill at home which you can then send to us for a refund along with proof of payment for other medical expenses.

  • Post-discharge

    In addition to pre-admission coverage, you can also claim back the cost of medical treatment to support a speedy recovery following an inpatient stay. Your hospitalisation insurance will refund your medical expenses for a pre-set period once you’ve been discharged. This period will vary depending on your policy (generally two or six months). To be sure how long you have, it’s best to review the Special Terms of your policy or, if you have corporate-sponsored coverage, you can log in to My Global Benefits or check with your HR department.

Be sure to save all hospital bills, doctors' bills and pharmacy receipts!

Tip: For your convenience, your Sickness Fund can provide you with a statement of all medical expenses incurred.

Send in your expenses
You've been saving your receipts and are now ready to send them in? Do it online!
Just scan your expenses and submit them online via our web form. Be sure to mention your correct bank account number.

Rather send in your expenses by ordinary mail?
Feel free to combine multiple bills and receipts in a single envelope. Please also return the completed claim form below.
Medical expenses related to a hospital stay

Ready to send in your expenses?
Send everything to the following address:​
AG Insurance - Health Care Department​
53 boulevard Emile Jacqmain
1000 Brussels​

​​Haven't yet reported your hospital stay to AG Insurance?

Fill out this document and attach it to the web form or letter you send us.

Claim form
Collect your refund
Your account statement

Once your medical expenses have been processed, your account administrator will issue you an account statement. This is a written statement thats shows in a simple and transparant way which costs are covered and which are not.
Need help?
Feel free to contact us with all your questions about the refund of your expenses.
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