Hospitalisation abroad
What should I do?
Follow the steps
Notify AG Insurance as soon as possible
Have you been admitted to the hospital abroad?

Your hospital plan provides you with worldwide coverage for emergency, unplanned hospital admissions as well as for scheduled hospital stays, as long as your Sickness Fund has pre-approved the admission (e.g. at one of the top-ranked hospitals in the world for a specific treatment or surgical procedure).

Let AG Insurance know by reporting​ the admission to our assistance provider for hospital stays in abroad. A new case file will be opened up for your refund straight away. Call our assistance provider and provide:

  • your plan number or card number, which you may find on your card;
  • the address where you've been staying;
  • a phone number where we can reach you.

Report your hospital admission (24/7)
+32 (0)2 664 01 70

Does your hosopitalisation insurance not provide assistance?

Don't worry, you're still insured no matter what, even outside of Belgium. Report your hospital admission to AG Insurance in writing using the appropriate form hereunder and send it in to us along with proof of your medical expenses (see Steps 2 and 3). Lastly, don't forget to notify your Sickness Fund as well.

Claim form

Save all receipts for medical expenses
Save all receipts for medical services and treatment associated with your hospital stay, included expenses incurrred after your were discharged ("outpatient expenses").

The procedure for refunding your medical expenses will vary depending on your insurance.

With assistance abroad
  • During your hospital stay

    With our third-party payer agreement, your hospital bill will be sent to our assistance provider and settled with the hospital directly. You will receive a statement shortly after: any non-covered costs will be deducted from your refund for post-discharge care.

  • Post-discharge

    Once you've been released from the hospital, you may require additional treatment to support your recovery, whether in Belgium or abroad.
    Your hospital plan covers medical treatment and services for a period of time after you've been discharged. Depending on the type of plan you have, this period is either 3 or 6 months. Be sure to save all hospital bills, doctors' bills and pharmacy receipts!

  • Send all expenses incurred outside of Belgium to our assistance provider:
Wetstraat 44​
1040 Brussels
​ ​

For medical expenses made in Belgium, you can submit your receipts to AG Insurance for reimbursement via the web form, by e-mail or by ordinary mail (see Step 3).

Without assistance abroad
A minority of hospitalisation insurances through AG Insurance does not provide assistance abroad. In that case, however, your hospital bill will be sent to your home by ordinary mail. Feel free to forward us this bill along with other receipts for medical expenses, whether incurred during or after your hospital stay (see Step 3).

​​Tip:​ Your Sickness Fund can provide you with an inemised statement of your medical treatments and services.
​Tip:​ Had a car accident in a foreign country? Are you sick or injured? Does your insurance policy include Top Assistance? Here is what you should do.
Send in your expenses
You've been saving your receipts and are now ready to send them in? Do it online!
Just scan your expenses and submit them online via our web form. Be sure to mention your correct bank account number.

Rather send in your expenses by ordinary mail?
Feel free to combine multiple bills and receipts in a single envelope. Please also return the completed claim form below.
Medical expenses related to a hospital stay

Ready to send in your expenses?
Send everything to the following address:​
AG Insurance - Health Care Department​
53 boulevard Emile Jacqmain
1000 Brussels​

​​Haven't yet reported your hospital stay to AG Insurance?

Fill out this document and attach it to the web form or letter you send us.

Claim form
Collect your refund
Your account statement

Once your medical expenses have been processed, your account administratror will issue you an account statement. This way, you can quickly and easily see which costs are covered and which are not.

Need help?
Feel free to contact us with all your questions about the refund of your expenses.
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